RE Hubs background

The RE Hubs project is dedicated to supporting Religious Education (RE), Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE), and Religion & Worldviews (R&W) teachers and practitioners in the UK. Our mission is to connect those who can provide resources with those who need them. We aim to create a neutral platform that brings all stakeholders together, filling the knowledge gap and equipping everyone within the RE/RVE/R&W ecosystem.

Many organisations serve RE/RVE/R&W education in the UK, from places of worship and school speakers to CPD partnerships and resource providers. However, until now, there hasn't been a single place to equip, enable, and signpost everyone within the community.

To address this gap, RE Hubs started by bringing together a steering group from different RE/RVE/R&W professional organisations across England and Wales, with a plan to expand to cover Northern Ireland and Scotland in the future. Our lead director is accountable to and works with the steering group and leads a team of ten to connect and support all members of the RE/RVE/R&W community, allowing them to connect, learn, and develop in their work and practice.

If you want to read more about our aims please click aims-of-re-hubs-programme