School Speakers

Select the Hub area you are interested in, and find school speakers! One of RE Hubs aims is to improve connections and interactions between different parts of the RE/RVE/R&W world. We are training up people who would like to support schools bring to life their curriculum through first had experience of meeting and talking with people from different religions and non-religious worldviews, as well as experts in social sciences, philosophy and theology.

  • If you are a speaker working with schools and want to be featured on RE Hubs use this form to attend our training.
  • If you are a school and want to find out more about our kitemark training these people have received and agreed practices working with schools please click here.
  • if you are looking for a worldview and there are no speakers for this in one of the regions, then take a look at other regions as there may well be speakers listed who will visit your classroom virtually

Note to teachers: Some schools speakers will always be free of charge, others might need their travel costs repaid to them and finally some people and organisations do ask for a fee to be paid for such visits.